4 Methods of Slab Leak Repair

Slab leaks are a common plumbing problem with the potential to become a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only can they cause damage to your property, but they can also be difficult to detect and repair. 

This issue occurs when water pipes located under the foundation of your home begin to leak, causing water to seep into your flooring, walls, and foundation which, in turn, can lead to mold growth, structural damage, and other costly repairs

Considering how much damage it can cause if left unattended, it’s essential to know which remedies will be available to you when you hire Riverside County slab leak repair specialists, so you can choose the best way to address the issue timely and effectively.

How does a plumber find a slab leak?

How does a plumber find a slab leakSome common signs of a slab leak are noticeable and easy to detect, even to the untrained eye, and may include:

  • A sudden increase in your water bill;
  • Low water pressure;
  • The sound of running water even when all taps are turned off. 

However, this is also where the problem lays: these signs can also indicate a whole host of other plumbing issues. Therefore, the only reliable way to determine the source of the problem is by calling in an expert.

To find the location of the leak, a professional plumber will typically use a combination of:

  • Visual inspection involves looking for signs of water damage or moisture in your walls or floors. 
  • Electronic leak detection uses specialized equipment to locate the leak using sound waves or electromagnetic sensors. 
  • Pressure testing involves pressurizing your pipes and monitoring the pressure to determine where the leak is located.

What is the best way to fix a slab leak?

Once a plumber has located the slab leak, they can begin the repair process. However, with this type of plumbing issue, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. Rather, the best method will depend on the location and severity of the leak. Some of the most common solutions are:

  • Spot repair: If the leak is small and located in an accessible area, a plumber may be able to simply cut out the damaged section of the pipe and replace it with a new one.
  • Repiping: If the pipes in your home are old and prone to leaks, it may be more cost-effective to repipe your entire home rather than constantly repairing leaks as they occur.
  • Epoxy coating: This method involves lining the inside of your pipes with a special resin that hardens and creates a new, leak-free surface. Epoxy coating is often used for smaller leaks as it can be less disruptive than traditional pipe repair methods.
  • Pipe rerouting: In some cases, it may be necessary to reroute your pipes to avoid the damaged section entirely. This method can be more expensive and time-consuming, but it may be necessary if the damage is extensive or the pipes are in a hard-to-reach location.

How long does a slab leak take to fix?

The length of time it takes to fix a slab leak depends on the severity of the leak and the repair method used. For instance, spot repairs can typically be completed in a few hours, while more extensive repairs like repiping or pipe rerouting can take several days. Epoxy coating can usually be completed in one day.

Where in Riverside County can I find experts in slab leak repair?

riverside county slab leak repairWhether you have a hidden leak that’s causing mold growth or a more severe issue that’s threatening the integrity of your property, The Leak Detection Pros are here to help. Our seasoned technicians possess extensive knowledge about all types of household leaks and the ways to fix them reliably and efficiently. We cover a large service area, so you can count on us anywhere from Eastvale to Midland, and the rest of Riverside County. Get in touch today!