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    Professional Leak Detection & Repair in Riverside County, CA

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    Experienced leak detection & repair technicians

    The Leak Detection Pros is a licensed and insured company specializing in slab and water leak detection and repair in Riverside County and the surrounding areas. We are a family-owned and operated business that focuses on providing our customers with prompt and reliable service. Here’s what we bring to the table:

    • Knowledgeable and extensively trained professionals
    • Bonded & insured experts for your security
    • Advanced & non-invasive methods and equipment
    • Tailored approach based on on-site inspection
    • Services backed by a satisfaction guarantee
    • Client-oriented service & customer care

    Reliable leak detection service

    Expert leak detection in your property in Riverside County is essential for accurately assessing the underlying problem behind your leak and providing an adequate response. At The Leak Detection Pros, our technicians are trained in using advanced detection equipment to discover any existing leaks and make preparations for the repair procedure in a time-efficient manner. Our leak detection professionals will evaluate the issue and provide a free assessment and a preliminary plan for repair and restoration.

    Effective slab and water leak repair in Riverside County

    Once our technicians determine the source and the severity of the leak, they will take the necessary steps for result-focused leak repairs to quickly and efficiently mitigate the damage. We use modern tools and equipment that allow us to employ the least invasive repair methods that will quickly restore water service to your home and prevent further water loss. We also partner with reputable water damage remediation companies to restore your home to its previous condition.

    Dependable insurance claim assistance

    The Leak Detection Pros is here to help guide you through the complicated process of working with an insurance adjuster. We will provide them with an overview of the situation, offer a written report of all our leak detection findings, and recommend the best repair option for your case. This is part of our standard leak detection and repair process.

    We focus on client satisfaction

    The Leak Detection Pros offers a higher standard of leak detection and repair services in cities across Riverside County and the nearby areas. We achieve this by offering honesty, transparency, and expert-based services rendered by experienced and qualified technicians. This is how we ensure client satisfaction with our leak detection or repair services. Our reputation and track record are our greatest assets, and we maintain them by upholding professionalism, knowledge, and experience above all else. Reach out to us today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What are the signs of a slab leak?

      Slab leaks are a serious plumbing emergency, and you should pay attention to the telltale signs that you might be experiencing a slab leak. If you notice one or more of these signs, you should immediately contact our leak detection and repair pros near your area:

      • Musty and dry odor that is typical for mildew
      • Cracks and discoloration on your walls and ceiling
      • Cold or hot patches on the floors in certain areas
      • Warped laminate or hardwood floors
      • Hearing the sound of running water without any appliances or fixtures in use
      • Spinning water meter when you’re not using appliances or fixtures
      • Your water bill is higher than usual
    • How does leak detection work?

      The process of leak detection should be comprehensive, thorough, and efficient. You should consider hiring The Leak Detection Pros, a reputable leak detection and repair company in Riverside County that employs a process resembling this detailed three-step process:

      1. Preliminary diagnosis that confirms there is a pressurized water leak and determines if there is a need for complete whole-house electronic leak detection procedure.
      2. Pinpointing the leaking or ruptured water line by testing all house fixtures with modern electronic equipment for leak detection.
      3. Marking the beginning of the repair process after accurately locating the pipe leak and considering other circumstances of the leak.
    • What is the best leak detection equipment?

      Experienced professionals need cutting-edge equipment that allows precise and efficient leak detection in Riverside County or the area. There are five pieces of specialized leak detection equipment that allow exact and efficient detection:

      • Infrared camera: This is the most valuable tool for leak detection, as it reads temperature variations, which allows easier slab leak detection.
      • Electronic amplification equipment: The sensitive sound sensors of this piece of equipment help technicians listen for sounds of dripping or spraying water through several hardscape layers.
      • Electromagnetic pipeline locator: This tool sends out electron signals that help your technician to map out the location of the pipe underneath the slabs.
      • Gas tracer system: These tools are extremely useful for helping detect very deep leaks.
      • Video pipe inspection equipment: These tools allow technicians to view the interior of the pipe and locate the precise point of the leak. 
    • How long does it take to fix a leak?

      Providing a general duration of a leak repair procedure is difficult, as it highly depends on the scope and severity of the leak itself. However, most leaks take about two days to repair completely. The repair procedure can last longer if you have a serious slab leak, but two days is an average for most leaks.

    • Who are the leading experts in leak detection & repair in Riverside County, CA & beyond?

      If you think there is a strong indication of a slab leak or any other kind of leak present in your property, you should not waste any time, as most leaks can cause further property damage. Contact The Leak Detection Pros and allow our experienced leak repair and detection technicians to inspect your property, locate the leak, and fix it to help preserve the structural integrity of your property and the safety of its occupants.

      It doesn’t matter if you live near Woodcrest, or closer to Temecula. The Leak Detection Pros are here to provide comprehensive leak detection & repair service. We also offer detail-oriented slab leak detection and repair in Corona, as well as expert leak repair and detection services in Riverside and other cities in Riverside County. You can rely on us to help you resolve your leak problems. Contact us today!