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    Reliable Leak Detection & Repair in Corona, CA

    Our slab and water leak detection and repair services bring peace of mind

    Depend on experienced leak detection professionals

    The Leak Detection Pros is a licensed and insured company specializing in expert slab and water leak detection and repair in Corona and across the region. We are a team of trained and skilled professionals dedicated to providing homeowners with efficient and reliable services that meet their needs. Here’s what we bring to the table:

    • Experienced and qualified leak detection and repair technicians
    • Fully insured, bonded, and licensed
    • Advanced non-invasive detection equipment and techniques
    • Free preliminary inspections and price estimates
    • Customer-oriented approach and top customer care
    • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

    Swift leak detection

    The technicians at The Leak Detection Pros are trained to use advanced electronic and infrared detection equipment to locate slab and water leaks and evaluate the scope of the problem in a timely manner. If you happen to notice any leak symptoms in your Corona home, give us a call and we will send experienced leak detection professionals to inspect the issue and give you a free estimate along with a tailored repair and remediation plan.

    Expert leak repair in Corona

    After successfully locating the leak in your property and evaluating the scope of the issue, our team will discuss possible plans for slab leak repair and remediation with you, striving to devise an effective and prompt approach tailored to your specific situation. The Leak Detection Pros also works with reliable water damage restoration companies who use specialized moisture testing equipment to inspect and evaluate potential water damage that isn’t visible to the naked eye.

    Let us guide you through the insurance claim process

    The Leak Detection Pros can help guide you through the process of working with your insurance company if you decide to file a claim for water damage. Our team can meet with your insurance adjuster directly to give them a written report on the evaluated damage caused by the leak and discuss potential repair solutions. We offer insurance claim assistance as a part of our leak detection and repair service in Corona.

    Your satisfaction comes first

    The Leak Detection Pros will take steps to bring your leak situation under control, efficiently stopping water loss and restoring full water service in your home in a timely manner. The main goal of our leak detection and repair services is to bring satisfaction and peace of mind to homeowners in Corona and the area. This is why our team won’t leave your home until they have effectively resolved the problem and made sure you are 100% happy with the service.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What to do if you think you have a slab leak?

      Since undetected and untreated slab leaks can cause serious damage to your property, it is crucial that you take immediate action as soon as you notice symptoms such as: 

      • Warped flooring 
      • Musty, moldy odor 
      • Sounds of running water
      • Hot or cold sections of flooring 
      • Discoloration or cracks in the walls
      • Water bills that are higher than usual 

      The best course of action to take when you notice these symptoms is to reach out to our dependable slab leak detection and repair professionals near you in Corona. The Leak Detection Pros will take immediate measures to bring the situation under control and put your mind at ease.

    • How do you detect a leak?

      Professional leak detection entails three main steps that serve to efficiently locate the leak and evaluate the scope of the problem. Here’s what our trained technicians will do in your Corona home: 

      1. Perform preliminary evaluations to check for leaks, confirm their presence, and devise the best approach for the situation.
      2. Use advanced electronic and infrared equipment to identify the water line where the leak is located by detecting the temperature changes and frequencies caused by moisture. 
      3. Offer suitable repair options for stopping the water loss and restoring the water service in your home promptly and efficiently.
    • What is the slab leak repair process?

      After our technicians have detected the slab leak, they will go on to use non-invasive repair methods to mitigate the damage and put the situation under control. The process entails tracing and abandoning the line affected by the slab and re-routing a new above-ground line using either a Pex Type A or copper pipe. 

      You can depend on The Leak Detection Pros to take immediate action to minimize downtime and inconvenience caused by the slab leak and restore the water service. Our slab leak repair process relies on the use of efficient and effective methods and tools that don’t cause unnecessary damage to your property in Corona or its surroundings.

    • How much does it cost to repair a leak?

      The overall costs of your leak repair service will depend on several factors specific to the situation at hand, such as the accessibility and scope of the leak. Since the exact costs may vary significantly from one situation to the next, make sure to request a free estimate from your go-to leak detection and repair specialists in Corona.

    • Who offers professional leak detection and repair near me in Corona and beyond?

      The Leak Detection Pros is your best choice if you’re looking for swift and dependable leak detection and repair in Corona and the surrounding neighborhoods. In fact, we are your go-to leak detection specialists in Riverside County, offering streamlined leak detection and repair services in Riverside, Corona, and many other cities in the area. We can effectively locate, evaluate, and resolve slab and water leaks, protecting your property and giving you peace of mind. 

      Whether your property is located near Lake Mathews or in the vicinity of Prado Dam, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you suspect a slab leak in your home. Get in touch with us today!