The Essential Glossary of Leak Detection Terms & Definitions

Which company performs detail-oriented slab leak detection in Corona, CAPlumbing leaks in the US cause billions of dollars of property damage on an annual basis, with a typical water damage insurance claim being valued at about $10,000. Leaks can be caused by a variety of different problems, many of which are impossible to identify on time without specialized equipment and training.

While complex tasks such as slab leak detection are best left to the professionals, homeowners in Riverside, CA, and beyond should still familiarize themselves with how the plumbing at their homes work. Understanding the basics can go a long way toward helping you spot and address these issues in a timely manner.

In the following article, we’ll enable you to do just that by explaining some key terms in the water leak detection lingo that every homeowner should know. You can also check out our exploration of common leak detection myths, our short history of leak detection systems, and our list of water leak detection mistakes you should avoid at all costs. Read on.

What are the different terms in leak detection?

Every trade inevitably develops its own unique lingo that may sound confusing to laypeople, and leak detection is no exception. Luckily, the key terms most people should know can be easily explained and understood. 

Quick glossary of water damage & detection terms:

Continuous leak

This type of leak is ongoing regardless of whether you’re currently operating a water-using device or not. These are frequently caused by damaged water lines or improper sealing.

Intermittent leak

A water leak that keeps starting and stopping. The leakage typically coincides with the operation of a water-using device such as a shower or a bathtub.

Leak detection system

These modern devices monitor the flow of water through pipes and are designed to automatically shut it off if they spot any irregularities. They tend to be programmable and have wi-fi functionalities, and are designed to prevent more serious water damage.

Hot spot

Sometimes, a leaking subsurface hot water line will gradually soak the area around it. This will eventually cause a particular area to feel warm or hot to the touch.

Service line

This is what the underground pipes that transfer water from the water meter to your house are called. Damage from tree branches and other problems can sometimes cause the service line to develop a leak.

Shut-off valves

These valves come in two different designs: gate valves and ball valves. Regardless of the type of valve you have, they enable you to immediately shut off the water supply to your home and prevent further water damage from occurring until the experts arrive to fix the problem.

Low-flow indicator

This device is located on the water meter and usually resembles a small star, gear, or triangle. It rotates when water passes through the water meter, and can be used to check for water leaks or insufficient pressure in your plumbing system.

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