Debunking 3 Common Leak Detection Myths

The first step in beginning to take good care of the plumbing system in your home or office is to debunk some of the most common myths surrounding slab leak detection and repair in Riverside, CA and other nearby areas. It’s only once you know the real truth behind the importance of detecting leaks and resolving them in a professional manner that you can begin to think about proper maintenance and, through it, actual leak prevention.

What are some of the most common myths about leak detection?

There are numerous myths about slab leaks, especially about professional inspection, detection, and repair, which is why some people choose to postpone hiring professionals to resolve the problem in their home or office. That’s what makes it essential to debunk the most common myths and help you prevent unnecessary damage to your property:

It’s not necessary to perform pressure tests

What are some of the most common myths about leak detectionBefore you hire a leak detection specialist, you can do a bit of leak detection on your own as well by testing the water pressure in your commercial or residential property. However, not all property owners know this, making it one of the most frequently overlooked aspects of investigating for leaks, especially on water mains.

Water mains carry large amounts of water, which is why this particular myth is in circulation. Due to the mere amount of water present in the main, you may think that any leak would be visible with the naked eye above the ground level. However, this often isn’t the case, as water mains can also develop hidden leaks.

In case there’s a medium or a small leak, they can go undetected for a long period of time, leaving you oblivious to the fact that you have to hire professionals to detect the leak. A leak pressure test helps you see if there’s perhaps a hidden leak in the pipework, granting you the insight to hire specialists for a more detailed procedure.

Leak detection is always invasive

This is absolutely not the case. In fact, the vast majority of comprehensive leak inspection and detection procedures are completely non-invasive. There are many cutting-edge tools available that grant specialists a non-invasive method for detecting leaks.

One of the most commonly used tools is certainly the infrared camera which points to the potential areas where there might be leaks due to the differences in temperature water causes within the property. So no, inspections aren’t invasive.

Leak detection is very expensive

Finally, the biggest deterrent from professional leak detection is the myth that it’s so expensive that you may not be able to afford it. This is absolutely not true. Depending on the exact situation and the location of the potential leak, detection can actually be extremely affordable.

This is especially true if you take into account the potential costs of not detecting and treating your leak, allowing it to develop, become more serious, and causing massive damage to your property.

Who are the leading experts for slab leak detection and repair in Riverside, CA?

Riverside CA slab leak repairSlab leaks are serious business, and you should approach them as such. First of all, debunk the myths and gain a deeper understanding of slab leaks by reading through a short glossary of the most important terms. Then, get acquainted with the history of slab leak detection and how it’s changed over the years. Finally, make sure to learn more about the most common leak detection mistakes and what you can do to avoid making them.

After that, if you do suspect a slab leak, it’s all about knowing which professionals to call, and we’re here to make it easy for you – The Leak Detection Pros. Our technicians combine years of knowledge and experience in the industry with advanced methods and cutting-edge equipment for best possible results. We’ll handle your slab leak while you take some time to explore the Museum of Riverside. Give us a call today!