5 Common Causes of Slab Leaks

A slab leak is a serious plumbing issue, especially if you fail to react timely and the problem develops. That is why it’s important to take measures to prevent slab leaks from occurring. To do this, it’s best to begin by first understanding what the most common causes behind slab leak repairs in Riverside are. This way, you’ll know what to pay more attention to and where you can potentially expect a slab leak to appear

What causes slab leaks?

Which company performs expert slab leak repair in Riverside, CA?

Slab leaks happen when your home’s underground piping develops leakages. The majority of these leaks seem insignificant in the beginning, but quickly develop into major problems. They can saturate the soil, creating uneven floors and cause your home to begin sinking. The first step in preventing this is learning more about the common potential causes.

Poor initial construction  

Probably the most common reason for slab leaks is either low-quality pipes or improper installation of pipes. If the pipes have dents or bends prior to installation, or if they get damaged during the installation, it’s probable that the affected sections will become prone to bursts and leaks. 

Also, if the technicians install your pipes poorly, they will damage and cause leaks easier. This is especially true for copper pipes, as they are prone to corrosion and any small damage is fertile ground for them to corrode and cause issues. 

Exterior pressure

What causes slab leaks?

It’s not only water pressure that affects the pipes and can cause a leak. Soil shifts can cause your foundation to move, which can put additional pressure on your pipes. This added pressure can cause your pipes to crack and develop leaks. Besides shifts, this can also happen because of:

  • Earthquakes
  • Underground streams
  • Erosion

Bad water quality & chemistry

The pH levels of your water can also be a significant factor that leads to the development of slab leaks. Both excessively alkaline and acidic water can lead to corrosion, which hastens cracks and bursts. The ideal water pH level is from 6.5 to 8.5. Other values can negatively affect the durability of your pipes. 


Abrasion is also a frequent cause of household slab leaks. As your pipes rub against gravel, concrete, and soil, the friction causes the material to wear down and develop leaks after some time. This is even more frequent with hot water piping, as it’s more prone to abrasion because they expand as they become warmer and rub against the different components of the soil. 


Finally, your pipes will become less reliable as time passes. The older your pipes, the greater the chance of a slab leak. Old pipes made from galvanized steel or copper are at the highest risk of leaks due to regular wear and tear over the many years of dependable service. 

Which company performs expert slab leak repair in Riverside, CA?

5 Common Causes of Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can be caused by a wide variety of reasons and knowing the most common ones can help you prevent a leak from occurring in your home. Prompt and proper slab leak detection is important, as untreated leaks can lead to severe structural damage and health consequences. That’s why you should do your part in attempting to detect a slab leak in your home before reaching out to reputable pros to perform professional inspection and repair. 

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