6 Common Household Leaks

What are the most common household leaksWater leaks in a home is one of those “Oh, it won’t happen to me.” things, until it does. And when it does, the consequences can be severe, especially if you don’t react immediately and hire leak detection services in Riverside to inspect your property and pinpoint the leak. However, why just wait until it happens? Why not learn more about the leaks that occur most commonly and do all in your power to prevent them?

What are the most common household leaks?

Hidden water leaks rear their ugly head more frequently than any of us would like to believe, leading to various unwanted occurrences. While you cannot prevent all of them, you can do your best to regularly check the usual suspects and ensure the common leak-prone areas around your property are safe. Here’s where leaks commonly occur:


A leaky toilet is almost always out of view, unless it’s one of those obvious occurrences of water pooling around your toilet in an utterly obvious manner. Your toilet can develop faults and leaks for a wide range of reasons, necessitating the assistance of an experienced leak detector. Luckily, these leaks are also easy to repair, so there’s at least one upside.

Faucets, tubs, and showers

Without a doubt, the single most common leak in any home is a dripping faucet, be it in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Such leaks are really not serious, at least not in the beginning, since they can develop into more serious problems. However, even the smallest drip will waste a huge amount of water over time, so it’s something to repair immediately. Otherwise, you can expect your utility bills to keep rising.

Supply lines

Another common culprit behind household leaks is your water supply line. However, unlike the previous entries on our list, such leaks are notoriously difficult to detect and pinpoint. What’s more, depending on their exact location, they can be even trickier to repair and restore. Finally, they can cause both very high water bills and pose potential for severe structural damage.

Water softeners

These devices are also extremely prone to developing various leaks. There are usually three main culprits behind such occurrences – a crack in the bypass valve assembly, bad rotor valve, or loose connections. A waterline issue requires a quick tightening of the fitting, while other causes need more extensive repairs.

Various appliances

All of the appliances that use water to operate can develop leaks, including washer, dryer, dishwasher, etc. The most common culprit behind such leaks is usually the seal on your appliances. However, there can be other malfunctions causing your appliances to leak.

Slab leaks

Finally, and most importantly, slab leaks are a common problem, but also the most serious one. They’re extremely difficult to detect, very hard to repair, and the restoration of your property requires vast expertise. That’s why you should always rely on professionals to detect and take care of your slab leak.

Which experts perform the most comprehensive leak detection in Riverside?

leak detection in RiversideHousehold leaks are a very frequent problem in many households, and knowing which ones happen most often can help you react proactively to prevent them. However, this is only one of the interesting facts about household leaks. It could be interesting to learn how professionals detect hidden leaks in homes and which technologies for leak detection are available to plumbers all over the United States and the world.

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