4 Methods Professionals Use to Detect Leaks

How do plumbers detect leaksThere are no identical leaks. Each case is unique and requires a different approach. Some leaks are very obvious, while others are hidden, necessitating the implementation of varied inspection and detection methods. That’s why it’s important to hire reputable professionals for slab leak detection in Riverside and ensure you’re working with experts who are able to determine the best method for detecting the leak in your property.

How do plumbers detect leaks?

Detecting a leak can be challenging, depending on its type. For example, slab leaks are notoriously difficult to pinpoint and require not just the most advanced equipment, but also ample knowledge and experience. When detecting leaks, professionals implement an array of different techniques that help them precisely locate the leak before repairing it:

Visual inspections

The first thing your technician should do is take a walk around your entire property, both inside and outside, and look for any potential visual clues that could point to a location of the leak. This step is essential, as it allows the plumber a chance to spot some of the more apparent signs of leaks, such as warping, standing water, discoloration, musty smells, and other common signs.

This helps plumbers ascertain the general location of the leak and allows them to begin deploying equipment they will use to precisely determine the location of the hidden leak. If your technicians don’t first perform a visual inspection, it will be extremely difficult to determine the source of the leak.

Video inspections

Once your technicians have performed a detailed visual inspection of your property, it’s time to start using actual leak detection equipment. One of the best methods of detecting hidden leaks is to use different types of video detection equipment, such as thermal imaging cameras and drain inspection cameras.

Video inspection methods allow plumbers to get a glimpse of the pipe from the inside as well as locate the leak in it. What’s more, video inspections give plumbers a chance to better prepare for the repair procedure.

Acoustic inspections

Another type of inspection technicians can perform is acoustic inspection. During acoustic inspections, technicians use ground microphones and listening discs to try to detect water sounds in your piping. These devices serve to amplify the sound of water, making it far easier for plumbers to pinpoint the location of the leak before repairing it.

Soil probing

Finally, soil probing is a method for detecting water mainline and sewer line leaks. If there’s a leak in the section of the piping running underneath an exterior section of the property, it can be very difficult to detect. That’s why technicians use soil probes to find pressurized leaks located below rocks, grass, and soil. The nearer this equipment is to the leak, the higher the velocity of the water, allowing technicians to locate the leak without unnecessarily digging up the property.

Which plumbers perform a comprehensive slab leak detection in Riverside?

slab leak detection in RiversideHousehold leaks, especially hidden and hard-to-detect leaks are not only a hassle, but also represent a serious structural concern for your property. There are many facts you should know about home leaks, but it’s most important to be familiar with the most common types of household leaks and know what technologies professionals use to detect them. This way, you’ll be able to choose those plumbers that only use cutting-edge technology.

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