3 Red Flags of Unprofessional Leak Detection Technicians

Scams, frauds, and sub-par service (yes, we’re putting that in the same basket) are ever-present issues in every industry. Whatever the reasoning behind these activities is, the fact is that they can cause a great deal of damage and anguish to those who succumb to them. 

Therefore, it is crucial to learn to recognize these malicious elements, so you can be certain that you’re hiring reputable technicians whenever you need slab leak repair in Riverside.

What are some common red flags?

The problem with fraudulent and unprofessional companies is that they can be difficult to detect. They’ll often have a well-developed strategy, allowing them to appear professional and reputable. Fortunately, there are some telltale signs that will help you differentiate them from the real deal.

Lack of credentials

What are some common red flags

If you ask a reputable contractor to present their licenses, certifications, and other documentation that proves their credibility, they will practically trip over themselves to do so. Reasonably so, we might add, since those can be irrefutable proof that they are operating within the confines of the law. With scammers, however, you can expect 1000 reasons and excuses why they don’t have one “currently on hand.” More like, “at all.”

The “Deal you can’t refuse”

This scam is probably as old as time. However, there’s that saying “if something is too good to be true, it most likely isn’t.” Professionals respect their work and that is reflected in their price. Therefore, if they offer their services at virtually no charge, it is almost a certain sign they’re doing something shady or wrong.

The “Binding Verbal Contract”

Exactly, there is no such thing! A respectable plumbing company will provide a contract with a comprehensive list of services and materials necessary to finish the job you hired them to do. Moreover, they won’t start the job without one.

Therefore, if your contractor does not provide a contract when you enlist their services or, in the worst case, immediately after they show up at your home – run. It is a telltale sign of unprofessional behavior.

How do I avoid unprofessional technicians?

Avoiding scammers and incompetent plumbers is not an easy task, but it is far from unachievable. However, it will take a bit of time and resourcefulness. Fortunately, we can help with the latter:

  • Ask for licensing and certification, before all else.
  • Do your research. Check a company’s website, BBB reviews, and online ratings.
  • Ask for a list of referrals and follow up on them. 
  • Get multiple price estimates from different companies and compare them.

Lastly, and most importantly, get everything in writing! And we mean everything. From the final estimate to the contract to the price breakdown, you want a hard copy of everything related to the service you’re paying for.

Where to find reputable experts for slab leak repair in Riverside & the area?

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