6 Ways Leak Detection Saves Money

Hardly anyone pays too much attention to their in-home plumbing system. At least, not until the situation reaches a critical point when hasty repairs become all but unavoidable. The problem is that those same repairs can take a massive chunk out of your wallet.

At that point, the question on everyone’s mind becomes: “Is there a way to avoid a leakage crisis and save all that hard-earned cash?” The answer is “yes”, and it is easier than you may think. 

It only takes a short intervention from experts for leak detection in Riverside, CA, and your home and wallet can remain safe. Let’s see exactly how this type of service can protect your budget.

How does early leak detection help save money?

leak detection Riverside CALeak detection is not only about rectifying mistakes that lead to water damage issues in your home. Rather, it is to prevent common household leaks from happening in the future, thus protecting your property, health, and, by extension, money.

With early leak detection, you can save excessive amounts on:

  • Water bills;
  • Interior repairs;
  • Exterior/structural repairs;
  • Repairing/replacing furnishings and appliances;
  • Doctors bills;
  • Prevent future damage.

Water bills

Leaks are not only annoying to deal with. They are incredibly wasteful. For instance, a leaky faucet alone, dripping at the rate of a drop per second, wastes more than 3,000 gallons of water a year. At current water rates in California, that comes out to about $100. 

Now, that doesn’t seem like much. That is, until you realize that this sum is for one leaky faucet only and that every other issue can waste much, much more water than that. Sometimes, tens of thousands of gallons per month. Even without considering the cost of repairs, that can come out to thousands of dollars.

Interior repairs

Whether it is a burst pipe or a minor leak in your walls, floors, or ceiling, you will have to repair parts of them. In the more severe cases, you’ll have to remove and replace big sections of drywall or flooring. 

In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have to renovate the entire room or a whole home, even. Which, needless to say, can take excessive amounts of money and cause great strife. Especially considering that there’s no avoiding this forcefully imposed home improvement project.

Exterior/structural repairs

Some types of leaks (slab leaks, for instance) can cause structural damage to your home. If the leak is excessive, it can compromise the integrity of foundations, as well as load-bearing walls and pillars. This can not only cause costly repairs (e.g. tens of thousands of dollars) but can potentially put all residents in a life-threatening situation.

Protecting your possessions

Even if a leak isn’t heavy, it will build up moisture. Over time, your furniture will absorb enough of it to become unusable (not to mention the smells that go with moldy furnishings). In addition, electronic devices can become a true health hazard, since condensation caused by moisture can cause them to short-circuit which, in some cases, can cause a fire.

Save on healthcare

Mold and mildew that come with leak-caused moisture can cause a slew of health problems, including irritation, respiratory issues, headaches, and fatigue. Prolonged exposure can lead to more severe complications that can result in chronic health issues which are hard and expensive to treat.

Prevent future damage

Catching a leak in its early stages can prevent all of the above problems. What’s more, experts who come to inspect your home for leaks will, in most cases, give advice on how you can protect your home from future ones. Needless to say, this can have amazing long-term benefits on your home budget. Therefore, it pays to pay for a yearly leak inspection. Quite literally, in this case!

Where to find experts for leak detection in Riverside, CA & the area?

How does early leak detection help save moneyWhether you live at the base of Mount Rubidoux, or anywhere else in Riverside, you won’t find a more reputable team to protect your property from water damage than the Leak Detection Pros.

Our certified technicians use the latest methods, modern equipment, and their vast experience to provide a comprehensive service that protects your home, health, and budget. Give us a call today and ensure lasting safety for you and your loved ones.