3 Ways to Prevent Slab Leaks

The concrete foundation of your home is built over a system of copper pipes. If any minor leaks occur in these pipes, they can eventually turn into major problems. Unfortunately, they often go unnoticed until serious damage to the foundation occurs.

Luckily, with reliable and skilled experts in leak detection in Corona, CA, and the nearby area, you can resolve these issues before they become large-scale problems. Moreover, understanding the way a slab leak occurs is essential in preventing a plumbing disaster. Keep reading to find out how to do it.

How can I prevent the appearance of slab leaks?

Since it’s not easy to identify a slab leak on time before any serious damage occurs, prevention is the best way to ensure the safety of your home. Here are the actions you can take:

Maintaining water pressure

How can I prevent the appearance of slab leaksIf the water pressure in your home is too high, it can eventually wreak havoc on the plumbing and lead to slab leaks. Common signs of high water pressure are clunking noises that occur while water is running or when turned on, and leaky faucets while your washing machine is on or when someone is taking shower.

Your plumber can measure the pressure, and if it’s too high, you may need to install a pressure-reducing valve that allows you to maintain it manually between 65 and 80 psi. It may also be necessary to perform plumbing inspection to check if high pressure damaged any of the pipes including those under the slab.

Plumbing inspection

Whether you’ve noticed something isn’t right with the plumbing or everything seems to be fine, scheduling regular annual inspections can help you discover any minor leaks and prevent them from becoming huge problems.

There are various ways for plumbers to detect potential issues. Some of the most common methods include using a special microphone that enables them to detect sounds of water coming out of the copper pipes beneath the slab, as well as a fiber optic camera which they insert into the system.

Once the plumbers finish inspecting the pipes, they will tell you if there’s any damage to your foundation and provide best solutions for any problems they have discovered.

Helpful add-ons

There are a couple of things you can add to your home’s plumbing system to make sure your property stays safe on long terms. Here’s a list of useful add-ons:

  • Expansion tank. Having an expansion tank installed above your water heater alleviates the pressure that is caused by the thermal expansion of water when it is heated by absorbing the excess volume. 
  • Water filtration for the entire home. Whole-house filtration systems remove contaminants such as pesticides, disinfection byproducts, minerals, and chlorine which build up on the inside of your pipes making them weaker over time. 
  • Ball valves instead of gate valves. Unlike gate valves, ball valves seal really tight, with 100% shut off efficiency. This significantly reduces the risk of leaking and allows for longer longevity and easy usage.

Who are the leading specialists in slab leak detection in Corona, CA & beyond?

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