How to React in Case of a Water Leak

OK, so the worst has happened and there’s water gushing somewhere in your home. You’re panicking, not knowing where to turn, let alone what to do, all the while being scared for the structural integrity of your home and the inevitable water damage it’s going to endure. We understand, and the best thing to do is to immediately contact one of Corona, CA’s leading specialists in leak detection services. But what do you do until they arrive?

What should I do in case of a water leak?

The first thing you need and have to do in case there’s a sudden and severe leak in your home is to remain calm and clear your mind. This is the only way you can ensure you’ll be able to perform the next steps. Then, once you’ve taken a moment to gather your thoughts, start acting quickly and follow these pieces of advice:

Turn off all water

What should I do in case of a water leakThe first thing you should do when there’s a sudden and excessive leak in your home is to shut off all water in your home as soon as possible. If the leak is inside the house or garage, simply turn off the main shut-off valve that can usually be found next to your water pressure regulator or hose bib. If you cannot locate it, or it does not work, get your meter key and turn water off at the meter. In addition to stopping water flow into your house pipes, turning your water off at the meter will stop water flow to your sprinklers and outside hoses. 

Call the pros

OK, so you’ve cut off all water flow coming into your house, now what?. Drastic plumbing malfunctions demand professional attention. You might be able to resolve the issue yourself, but by the time you manage to wrap your head around what’s happening, detect the leak and devise a method for resolving it, if the situation is dire you’ll probably lose valuable time and allow further structural damage to happen to your home. Calling the pros ensures prompt response while you take action to alleviate the consequences of the leak.

Document any damage

It’s essential to document any damage done to your home after you’ve contacted professional plumbers. Why? Because this way you’ll have ample proof if you’re looking to claim homeowners insurance for water damage to your home. Without proof you risk not receiving the monetary compensation you’re rightfully entitled to, so make sure to take some photographs of your water-damaged property and show them to the insurance company.

Who are Corona, CA’s leading experts in providing leak detection services?

Who are Corona, CA’s leading experts in providing leak detection servicesIt’s an awful thing when a huge leak happens in your home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done all in your power to prevent the leak from occurring and if you’ve been paying close attention to the telltale signs of slab leaks, it can still happen, leaving with nothing more than to attempt everything you can and take immediate action in an effort to detect the source of the leak before the professionals arrive.

Luckily, when you reach out to The Leak Detection Pros, you can rest easy. Our experts are immediately on their way and ready to help you as soon as they arrive. We minimize arrival times to ensure a prompt reaction and prevention of damage to your home. It makes no difference if you live near Santiago Peak or any other location in Corona. We’ll do all we can to be there as quickly as possible and repair the source of your leak.