6 Signs of a Broken Sewer Pipe

How do I know if my sewage pipe is broken

Spotting plumbing-related problems isn’t always easy, especially when it comes to the underground part of your system. Unfortunately, sewer pipes are one of those parts and they’re pretty significant since they carry all the wastewater from your home to the sewage system. If an issue occurs here, it can cause severe damage to the entire network.

Luckily, experts in leak detection in Riverside, CA, use time-tested methods to detect any anomalies your system may be experiencing. However, being able to recognize the first signs of a broken sewer pipe can help you react on time and prevent further damage. Keep reading to learn what these signs are. 

How do I know if my sewage pipe is broken?

The reasons every homeowner should know how to recognize troubles with the sewage pipe are numerous, including safety, but also the cost if left untreated. Take a look at these signs that will give you a hint something’s wrong:

Sewer smell inside your home

The vent stacks of the sanitary sewer are designed to be airtight and prevent any smells from reaching the inside of your home. However, if you do smell gassy odors, it means there’s an issue somewhere along the line and you should contact your plumber for a comprehensive inspection.

Grass too green

Wastewater from your broken sewer pipe acts as a fertilizer for your lawn, so if you’re able to notice patches of grass that are a bit too green and stand out compared to the rest of your lawn, it’s possible that you need a plumber.

Moldy areas in your house

Any leaky or broken pipe releases moisture, which allows for mold growth. If you’re able to spot any moldy areas on your floors, walls, or ceilings, especially if a bad smell is present as well, considering a plumbing inspection is a good idea.

Drains backing up

If only one of your drains keeps backing up, you’re facing an issue with that particular drain. However, if this happens in all the drains in your home, it’s a sure sign your sewage line is either broken or deteriorating. In case you’re experiencing recurring blockages, it can also be the result of tree root intrusion, and your plumber will know how to resolve your troubles.


Rodents are excellent in finding their way around sewage systems, and if there’s even a tiny crack in your sewer pipes, they’ll easily use it to break into your home. Among other troubles they can cause, carrying health risks is by far the most dangerous one, so before reaching out to an exterminator, make sure you first contact your plumber and cut the root of your problem.

Cracks in the foundation

When the pipe breaks beneath your slab it can significantly damage your foundation if not treated promptly. Not only can it cause mold and cracks, but it can also result in void formation which destabilizes the foundation and leads to settlement and even sinkholes. If you notice any cracks, make sure you reach out to your plumber as soon as possible.

Who are the leading experts in leak detection in Riverside, CA?

Leak Detection Riverside, CAIf you believe you’re facing a broken sewer pipe, it’s important to be aware of the steps you should take to handle it, but it’s also useful to be familiar with the details of homeowners insurance and what it covers in your case. For these, and any other questions you may have, such as whether using chemical drain cleaners is bad for your system, The Leak Detection Pros is your go-to team. Our experienced specialists will carefully examine your situation and provide the most effective solution.

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