4 Ways to Prevent Serious Household Leaks

Sometimes, there’s really little you can do to prevent a leak from occurring. After all, not all leaks are visible to the naked eye and they’re known only by the smallest of details they emit. You can simply state the obvious and hire one of Yorba Linda’s leading slab leak detection experts to come to your home and repair your leak. However, barring the inevitable, there’s actually a lot you can do to prevent a leak from occurring in your home.

What can I do to prevent household leaks?

Doing all you can to prevent household leaks from occurring is essential for avoiding significant structural damage to your home. To do this, you need to be familiar with the most susceptible and vulnerable places around your home that can be quick to develop leaks and what you should pay attention to in order to either stop a leak from happening or dealing with it quickly:

Look out for low water pressure

What can I do to prevent household leaksOn the one hand, you don’t want your water pressure to be high in order to avoid damage to your pipes. One the other hand, low water pressure is an indication of a possible leak and one of the first signs that you should look out for.

Sometimes, the reason behind low water pressure has nothing to do with pipe leaks, so you should eliminate all other potential causes before contacting a leak detection specialist to inspect your pipes for leaks.

For example, take a look at your faucets and shower heads to see if there’s any mineral buildup on them. If so, clean it with vinegar and see if the problem persists. If it does, reach out to a professional right away.

Watch out for slow draining tub, shower, and sink

Drain buildup is a very common occurrence in most households, and it’s usually due to soap, hair, and other types of scum present in your drain. The first thing you should do if you notice your drain is slow is to try and remove it first by hand, and then with one of the mild DIY cleaning solutions.

However, if this doesn’t resolve the problem, there’s probably a more severe clog somewhere in your pipes. You should contact an experienced plumber right away to resolve your clog, otherwise you risk pipe damage, bursts, and more serious water damage to your home.

Consider the age of your water tank

The majority of water tanks have a lifespan of ten to twelve years, after which they can begin to develop serious faults that can cause significant water damage in your households. First, you need to know the age of your water tank.

Then, if it’s over ten years old, you need to contact a professional to perform a comprehensive inspection and ensure everything’s in the right order. If not, it’s best to replace your unit to eliminate any potential for water leaks from your tank.

Inspect your roof

Finally, although it has nothing to do with your plumbing system, which is usually the culprit behind the vast majority of leaks, make sure to inspect the structural integrity of your roof. A loose shingle can cause extensive property damage, which is something you definitely wish to avoid.

Who are Yorba Linda’s foremost experts in slab leak detection?

Yorba Linda’s foremost experts in slab leak detectionThere are many actions you can take to prevent the appearance of some of the most common household leaks. First, you need to know what causes water leaks in your household. From there, it’s all about looking for potential leaks in all the right places around your home. And remember, even if a leak seems small and insignificant it can still cause major damage to your home if left unchecked. That’s why it’s important to always react quickly.

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