6 Slab Leak Secrets No One Ever Tells You About

Even though concrete slabs have a deserved reputation for durability and longevity, there is always the danger of slab leaks. Since dealing with water leaks requires a prompt reaction, not noticing that your slab is leaking can turn into a big problem pretty quickly. That’s why it’s important to remain vigilant and proactive when you spot an issue and turn to specialists in slab leak detection in Corona without delay.

If you don’t react decisively, water will steadily weave its way, start seeping into your foundation, and ultimately damage your property. Pretty soon mold will develop, flooring will get damaged, and your carpets and drywalls will be next in line. Take a look at our list below and if you recognize any of these warning signs in your home, don’t wait a second before calling seasoned professionals in slab leak detection and repair.

Can you have a slab leak and not know it?

professional slab leak detection coronaSimply put, yes, absolutely. Leak detection is a science in itself and the secretive nature of slab leaks allows them to inflict damage stealthily, often remaining unnoticed until the harm is done. However, armed with the knowledge of these seldom-discussed symptoms, you can be proactive in detecting a slab leak. Understanding these secrets will empower you to protect your home, finances, and safety from the unseen threat lurking beneath your feet.

1. Silent progression

One of the most unsettling aspects of slab leaks is that they can progress silently and unnoticed. In many cases, by the time you recognize the warning signs, significant damage has already occurred. These leaks almost always start small, with water slowly seeping into the foundation of your home and gradually undermining its structural integrity.

2. The mysterious sounds

Sometimes, the first indication of a slab leak is an unusual sound. An inexplicable hissing or running water sound when all taps are closed may be the clue that gets your attention. These sounds result from water that is escaping under pressure from pipes and seeping into the slab.

3. Unexplained water bills

Slab leaks are not the only cause of an unexpected increase in your water bill, yet they are a significant and often overlooked indicator of a possible slab leak. If your water usage habits have remained the same but you’re starting to notice a consistent rise in cost, it’s time to call on professionals to investigate.

4. Mysterious moisture

Another common symptom of a slab leak is unexplained moisture, mold, or mildew under carpets or flooring. If you notice a damp spot that won’t dry for days or a sudden, pungent moldy scent that lingers inside your home, there is every possibility that a slab leak is to blame.

5. Warm spots on the floor

If your home has hot water lines running through the slab, a sudden warm spot on the floor can be a major telltale sign of a slab leak. When hot water installations inside your slab crack, you’ll start noticing warm spots on your tiles or stone floor pretty quickly. These pockets of hot water can cause a whole host of issues so don’t waste precious time and react swiftly.

6. Foundation cracks and shifts

If the problem is left undiagnosed for quite some time, the constant flow of water from a slab leak will start eroding the soil beneath your home. This can cause your foundation to crack or in some cases even start to shift. To avoid this costly and dangerous nightmare scenario, you should hire professionals to inspect your foundation using the latest high-tech gadgets like electromagnetic pipeline locators and acoustic leak detectors.

How can I get in touch with the leading professionals in slab leak detection in Corona, CA & the vicinity?

reliable slab leak detection coronaWhether you’ve found a slab leak or you suspect you may have one, call The Leak Detection Pros straight away. In these types of cases, time is of the essence and you shouldn’t waste a second. Our vetted, knowledgeable, and diligent team has the tools, skills, and experience to stop the water in its tracks before the situation escalates.

If you want to know how much leak detection and repair costs, whether you can spot a slab leak on your water meter, or should you turn off your water source during a leak, call our support team and they will gladly offer all the information and advice that you need to react quickly.

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